ABU Buying Trading Swapping

I hope to have a list and images of a variety of Australian Alvey and perhaps Steelite reels here soon. They will be superceded vintage models ranging from 15 to 50 years of age, with stainless steel or nickel coated brass baseplates complete  with a variety of bakelite, wooden or composite spools.

I have only an interest in money when I have to shell it out to pay for a purchase. In an ideal world true collectors if they are fortunate to meet up with objects they want to trade , manage to strike a deal as I have done 4 times to date.

Samples of older Alveys  need to be photographed and added here. Previous ones have new happy owners in other countries around the world.

I wish to swap the vintage Penn International 20 for an ABU 20/30 other sell for best offer over US $175

and similarly

Tica Caimen baitcaster  CM200 with full mint box, accessories etc (Cost new US$200, still within the 3 year warranty period) I would trade for a similar value ABU baitcaster, make me an offer?


I have a second grade (missing a couple of parts) Record 1700C and an ABU 333 also for trade.

I have quite a number of ABU Tight Lines and Napp och Nytt catalogs available to trade or swap. Please enquire.

Posters (ABU 75th Anniversary) , Postcards, and Australian Fishing Magazines may also be of interest to overseas viewers.

I have a number of older cameras (pre digital) available for reel swaps.

Stamps of all sorts (ages , countries) are no longer of interest to me and may interest some.

Please enquire or make an offer to me   wayne@realsreels.com