Ambassadeur  Morrums

 In Sweden the Morrums were conceived but it was for the affluent Japanese market that they reached their highest developmental stages.

Here after-market "tuning" companies modified and improved on the already excellent reel.

Enjoy seeing here the Japanese  Red/Gold and Black/Gold  Ambassadeur SX 1600/1601C Ultra Mag S2 with its Spool Handle Brake and tuning by ZPI.

Hopefully more unusual and beautiful Morrum variations will come to light here on these pages with the help of emerging Japanese fans who visit this website. all contributions acknowledged and appreciated. Many thanks to a Japanese friend for  sharing these beautiful images with us all. I believe these reels were for sale and I am endeavouring to acknowledge the pictures.

Hopefully Simon Shimomura will take us futher down the path to understanding more about these wonderful reels.