Hilo, Killers, Cello, Rakan, Kynoch, and Snoky

These were usually constructed from light bouyant wood and artificial materials to seal and smooth the finish like fibre-glass and/or epoxy resins. Some of these lures were heavier and sank after casting whilst others floated and had to be retrieved to make them dive to their particular fishing depth. Choice here depended whether one was fishing over submerged timber, rocky reefs or a snag-free bottom. Still others have a cup or dished front-face to make them skip like a wounded baitfish on the surface of the water. An example of this is the Kynoch and one style of Cello.

Hi-lo and Killer were also made in jointed versions also but I have new seen one out here in Australia. I presume they wobbled even more enticingly  but then one more weak link has literally been put in the chain.

In order to make some of the diving lures run at a suitable depth for the underwater terrain being fished, they were constructed with different sized metal or plastic “bibs” in front. The Killer, Cello and Hi-lo were example of this form of depth control.

The wonderful innovation on the Hilo of the adjustable stainless steel bib allowed it to be used effectively at varying depths. They are often called wobblers because that describes their action ie from side to side movement but not a complete spin or rotation.

The Snorky appears to be a simple minnow shaped baitfish moulded lure with no adjustments at all. I have just learned there are two variations, one with a bib.

Of course colours varied considerably and the secrets of colour choice for particular fishing spots are still state secrets in the minds of some.

It is often said that lures, in varying sizes, shapes and colours catch more fishermen than fish.

Always keep in mind that at times artificial baits/lures are the most efficient enticer of fish strikes whilst at other times nothing can be better than a live bait.

Artificials however, if not lost, do have the advantage of always being in the tackle box ready to fish, whereas fresh bait must be bought, harvested and stored. My favourite all round plug is the Hilo as it can be rigged to fish as a surface running popper or a deep diver.

Lures make one cast more accurately!